The company handbook has been updated to v1.8 Changelog: Updated Cost Indexes to change values and add A321 to the list. Added section on Shared Cockpit flying for the VA.

Since the FSAirlines software is now allowing for shared cockpit with other pilots we are implementing this new Smart Co-Pilot roster.    If you have the Smart Co-Pilot plugin for XP11 or an equivalent for P3D/FSX please let us know so we can have you added to this roster.   Only pilots on this roster are allowed to use FSA’s Copilot feature.   Anyone caught using this feature without supporting software to

The company pilot’s handbook has been updated to version 1.7. Spelling mistakes fixed. Updated rank page to show new pay rates. Added a little more info on expectations. Added link for more information on how the cargo system works in the OFFLOAD CARGO section. Changed delivery distance for cargo from 100nm to 50nm and highlighted it so maybe you guys will get the hint.  🙂 General overhaul and editing of

Solaris Euro is happy to announce we now fly into the beautiful country of Romania!   The follow airports have come online for our flying needs; LROP, LRCL, LRTR, LRCK and LRIA! These airports connect all over Europe, Ireland, the UK and Asia with international flights to Canada from LROP!   Most of these airports are available in XP11 as payware or freeware.  P3D also as some of these destinations available.

After weeks of investigation into the crash of Solaris Flight 238 the NTSB board finds that pilot error was the primary contributing factor.   The aircraft, a Boeing 767-300, departed out of Toronto (CYYZ) for a scheduled route to Las Vegas (KLAS).   The flight proceeded normally until it was approaching the Las Vegas area.   At the time the pilots reported a fuel starvation problem was occurring and declared an emergency.   A

Added new section on Vatsim usage and corrected ICAO for the Cargo division.   Solaris Air VA Pilot Handbook

The Solaris Air company handbook has been updated to v1.5.   You can go read it in the Human Resources menu on the main menu at the top. Changelog: Updated Discord requirements.  Discord is now a requirement to join the VA. Added a section to the written tutorial on how to offload packages from the cargo hold. Added Best Practices page. Fixed spelling mistakes and formatting errors.

Airframe:  Boeing 737-800NG Reg #:  N331SL-Solaris Retro USA PIC:  Hector Esparta Airport of Incident:  KSFO-San Francisco Deaths/Injuries:  0 Deaths, Minor Injuries to PAX and crew. Findings ====== Flight took off on time and proceeded normally through the entire KLAX-KSFO flight.   Aircraft descended on schedule and was cleared to land.   Flight Data recorders show the aircraft may have been exceeding speed restrictions prior to the approach but this does not appear

A new Solaris Star Maintenance Center has opened in Atlanta and we have also expanded the Miami and Seattle facilities so they can now handle up to a 747-8i.   All of our centers can now handle up to 12 repair points worth of aircraft. All centers now also have storage warehouses for cargo as well as PR offices to give us more rep and better fuel prices at these airports.

The new training video is now available for all new pilots or pilots who want a refresher course or maybe missed something.   It’s a long video.  Feel free to skip through the parts you don’t need to see.   It is located under the Human Resources menu above.  Welcome to the VA Trainee!