Solaris is invading Japan and parts of Asia with the opening of our new Solaris Banzai division servicing Japan with domestic flights around the islands as well as international flights to as far away as India.   A new fleet is being pulled together to handle all the needs of our virtual PAX.    We already have a selection of Boeing and Airbus aircraft with some regional aircraft on order.   For

Solaris Air Company Handbook updated to version 1.91. 1.91 Changelog ============ Added Solaris Banzai information to fleet page. Added FAQ about not being able to load cargo and having license revoked. Company Handbook Page:

Solaris is proud to open up CorpJet in Europe.   Based out of Geneva, Switzerland, our fleet of business jets and turbo prop planes are able to service clients as far away as Turkey and Moscow to the east and all the way to Iceland and the Canarias Islands in the west.    Some of our larger business jets can take clients as far as Dubai in the Middle East.   

Our Skyhopper division is now on True Charter now and the division has been further sub-divided by region.  Please keep the planes in that division in that region.    Pilots flying planes out of their designated service areas will get a warning and then a boot to the head for violating this division operation areas.   Have fun!

Starting 9/21 those of you who love CorpJet flying will finally have the freedom to book your own charter flights.  You won’t have to wait for routes to become active.  We ask that ALL pilots who complete a flight add notes to your flight in the comments section about what/who you chartered.  🙂  Put some roleplaying into your flights for us!  ENTERTAIN US!    How does it work?  Easy! Step

Company Handbook has been updated to v1.9 and includes the following changes: Spelling corrections. Added cost index for A300F. Updated Rank page to declare who can use what features as well as hours needed and pay raise expected. Added Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to the list of used simulators and added information about connecting to FSA using MSFS2020. Updated the Community Communications page to get rid of Blackboard as a

With the latest patched version of MSFS fixing several key issues and the A320Neo getting ‘Zibo’ modded to be more functional we have authorized the use of this new simulator platform with the following aircraft: Airbus A320Neo Cessna C208 Grand Caravan Cessna C700 Longitude Daher TBM 900 Aircraft still being evaluated for usage: Boeing 787 Boeing 747 King Air B350i

The company handbook has been updated to v1.8 Changelog: Updated Cost Indexes to change values and add A321 to the list. Added section on Shared Cockpit flying for the VA.

Since the FSAirlines software is now allowing for shared cockpit with other pilots we are implementing this new Smart Co-Pilot roster.    If you have the Smart Co-Pilot plugin for XP11 or an equivalent for P3D/FSX please let us know so we can have you added to this roster.   Only pilots on this roster are allowed to use FSA’s Copilot feature.   Anyone caught using this feature without supporting software to

The company pilot’s handbook has been updated to version 1.7. Spelling mistakes fixed. Updated rank page to show new pay rates. Added a little more info on expectations. Added link for more information on how the cargo system works in the OFFLOAD CARGO section. Changed delivery distance for cargo from 100nm to 50nm and highlighted it so maybe you guys will get the hint.  🙂 General overhaul and editing of