Another batch of officers on the rise.   We have two new Four-Bar Super Stars!  *salutes*  Well done captains! Second Officers – Jorgen Johnsen First Officers – Curt Scott Captains – Lindsey Kaars Kevin Richter

Light promotion week!  Congrats to everyone and awesome job Senior Captain Hawkins betting to the elite club! Second Officers – Ben Redcorn First Officers – Jaocim Olsson Trevor DeLong Senior Captains – Mark Hawkins

Great work everyone!   Let’s welcome Captain Sislioglu to the Four-Bar Super Star Club! Second Officers – Nick Szopko Stephen Snider First Officers – Kevin Richter Captains – Guven Sislioglu

Well done everyone! We have two new left seaters and one new left seater with wrinkles! Congrats to the Captains and Senior Captain Dane! Second Officers – Christian Schlueter Dennis Krone Luke Bettis Leroy Wilson Captains – Karl Hagen Claudemiro Pacheco Senior Captains – Craig Dane

It tis the closing of the year and we have two weeks worth of promotions here!  Congrats to all our pilots who ranked up on the last day of 2019!   Here’s to a great 2020 year for the airline and your virtual careers! Second Officers – Stefan Jaeck Dominik Schulp Curt Scott Paul White Craig Randle Daniel Releinath Kevin Richter First Officers – Christopher Chaplin David Yu Erik Nilsen Gerald

Moving up in the world!   Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (or whatever you celebrate the end of the year with)! Second Officers – Vincent Crump Michael Silva First Officers – Prentice Griffin

Round two of pilot promotions! We’re all caught up! Congrats pilots for moving up in the aviation world! Keep it up! Second Officers – Joe Testerman Gerald Hawkeye First Officers – Klaus Flessa

Holy smokes!   Our first Executive Captain has arrived and its Fred-o!  Congrats sir!  Christmas bonus will be coming to you soon!   Congrats to all pilots for your promotions.  This is batch #1 from last week that I missed posting!   Another one will be on the way soon for the current promotions. Second Officers – Chris Grall Remco den Dulk Klaus Flessa Tom Gregory Alexander Spittel Executive Captains – Fred Wiley

Lot of raises going on this week! Congrats to all our pilots for climbing up the corporate ladder. Two new Four Bar Superstars are born and Senior Captain Henkel rises like a Phoenix into the sky!  He cannot be stopped!   Great work everyone!   You helped get us past the 6 billion profit mark! Second Officers – Suketu Patel Snorre Selmer Francois Duhem First Officers – Matthew Curtis Micah Messer Dave

Behold! Pilots on the move! Congrats everyone! Got a couple of Four Bar Superstars in the house! Well done making it to the coveted Captain rank! Second Officers – David Jacobson Marc Jasmer Maximilian Bellmer Jaocim Olsson First Officers – Ed Ross Ralph Davis Robert South Captains – Jarret Grodzicki Mark Hawkins