Not a lot of promotions this week but we have a new Executive Captain of the Airline.   That is a huge achievement!  Congrats to EC Kenny Myers!   Give him a thumbs up when you see him! SECOND OFFICERS SOA526 Juan Gonzalez SOA583 John Hunte EXECUTIVE CAPTAINS SOA110 Kenny Myers

Congratulations to all our promoted pilots!   You guys are rocking the skies!   Super well done to our two new Captains and Senior captain Ed Ross!   Keep on keeping on!  Thanks for your service to the airline! SECOND OFFICERS SOA605 Bruce Roberts FIRST OFFICERS SOA504 Ricky Yegelwel SOA580 Mathias Reed SOA571 Jason Gustafson CAPTAINS SOA433 Ryan Beattie SOA119 Dylan Hoang SENIOR CAPTAINS SOA153 Ed Ross

Congrats to all our pilots on their promotions this week!  Keep up the great work! SECOND OFFICERS SOA594 Lars von Oben SOA590 Arca Santis SOA599 Jeff Denham SOA436 Justin Langosch SOA570 Kevin Sercu ======== ======================= CAPTAINS SOA593 Dave Steele SENIOR CAPTAINS SOA523 Rick Kimmick

Congratulations to our promoted pilots!  Keep on rocking everyone and thanks for your service to the VA! FIRST OFFICERS SOA429 Paul Wood SOA593 Dave Steele CAPTAINS SOA441 Sam Castle

A pile of promotions this cycle!  Great work everyone!   Two new captains and two more senior captains in the mix!   BEAST MODE ACTIVATE!   Keep up the great work!     One of you missed captain by .60 hours.  😀    One more flight and you got it for next week! SECOND OFFICERS SOA552 Neal Parry SOA555 Frank Frizzle SOA429 Paul Wood SOA589 Brandon Olah SOA593 Dave Steele SOA580 Mathias Reed SOA571

Okay we are back to manually promoting people to give it that personal touch!    Below are our promotions for this week.  A lot of these should have been automatic but the auto system failed.  I also noticed the automated system is setting people’s actual hours back to ZERO each time you auto promoted.  Even if you have like 5 hours past the next rank that 5 hours gets reset

Congratulations to all of our newly promoted pilots!   You guys are awesome!  Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing more of you on the list next week! SECOND OFFICERS SOA446 Maxime Poulin SOA478 Bernd Orlob SOA486 Nicholas Shuchman SOA487 Jarrod Ryan FIRST OFFICERS SOA337 Stefan Jaeck SOA416 William Tally SOA429 Paul Wood CAPTAINS SOA132 Eric Sennholz SOA491 Gerald Hawkeye

We promoted everyone at the beginning of the week but I forgot to post the roster so here it is!  Congrats to everyone moving up the food chain!  Keep rocking it! FIRST OFFICERS SOA283 Orion Vick SOA445 Scott Frank SOA491 Gerald Hawkeye CAPTAINS SOA202 Jacques Le Roux SENIOR CAPTAINS SOA213 Ernie Garcia

Well done everyone!  And a special congrats to Senior Captain Bursey for making it into the elite tier of pilots!   Keep up the great work everyone! SECOND OFFICERS SOA477 Jan Brinkmann SOA472 Paulius Pagodinas SOA445 Steve Sims FIRST OFFICERS SOA223 Thomas Cherkesov SOA469 Antonio Clarke SOA448 Cristian-Adrian lonescu SOA300 Marc Jasmer SOA433 Ryan Beattie CAPTAINS SOA249 Andrea Finocchiaro SENIOR CAPTAINS SOA112 Robert Bursey

Just a couple of pilots going up the ladder this week.  A new captain joins the Four-Bar superstar club!    Keep up the great work! FIRST OFFICERS SOA434 Art Knab CAPTAINS SOA131 Evan Ward