Outstanding work everyone.  Congrats to Senior Captain Grodzicki and Executive Captaion Richter.   You are beasts! SECOND OFFICERS SOA429 Paul Wood SOA433 Ryan Beattie SOA441 Sam Castle SOA445 Scott Frank FIRST OFFICERS SOA333 Joe Testerman SOA336 Alexander Spittel SOA395 Andrew Cobb SOA432 Adam Fravel CAPTAINS SOA195 Ralph Davis SENIOR CAPTAINS SOA145 Jarret Grodzicki EXECUTIVE CAPTAINS SOA367 Kevin Richter

Well done to all our promoted pilots for the week!  We have a new Four Bar super star!  Congrats Captain Logue!   Keep up the great work everyon! SECOND OFFICERS SOA385 Chris Kopp SOA427 Michael Frye SOA432 Adam Fravel FIRST OFFICERS SOA136 Mike S. CAPTAINS SOA116 Mitchell Logue

Moving up in the world!  Great work getting those hours logged!   Soon you will have four bars wearing your shoulders down! SECOND OFFICERS SOA423 Brett Knuth FIRST OFFICERS SOA298 Francois Duhem SOA402 Patrick Uttrich SOA426 Robert Soriano

Outstanding work everyone!   Lots of promotions this time around with a whole new batch of Captains and Senior Captains!   You are all super heroes!   Keep those PAX and Cargo boxes moving! SECOND OFFICERS SOA176 Joe Earley SOA328 Ian Gleed SOA389 Paul Perry SOA402 Patrick Uttrich SOA416 William Tally SOA426 Robert Soriano FIRST OFFICERS SOA249 Andrea Finocchiaro SOA256 Suketu Patel SOA396 Jorgen Johnsen SOA413 Adam Hazel CAPTAINS SOA268 Jan Tzschoppe SOA359

Climbing the corporate ladder!  You will soon be able to move out of your cardboard box and into a penthouse!   Congrats to Captain Ruby, our newest Four-Bar super star!  We also have a new Senior Captain!  Congrats Senior Captain Richter! Second Officers – Adam Hazel First Officers – Michael Silva Captains – Logan Ruby Senior Captains – Kevin Richter

Great work everyone moving up the food chain!   Congrats to Captain Clifton, our newest Four-Bar super star! Second Officers – Rick Hirsch Diego Navarro Andrew Cobb Umut Basol First Officers – Jesus Rivera Anthony Fluhart Captains – Kail Clifton

Lots of promotions this week!  Congrats to everyone and extra special thumbs up to our two new Captains, Captain Loomis and Captain Hare! Second Officers – Marcel Hoffman Anthony Fluhart Danny Evans Benedkt Stein First Officers – Dylan Hoang Nick Szopko Captains – Lance Loomis Ryan Hare

Another batch of officers on the rise.   We have two new Four-Bar Super Stars!  *salutes*  Well done captains! Second Officers – Jorgen Johnsen First Officers – Curt Scott Captains – Lindsey Kaars Kevin Richter

Light promotion week!  Congrats to everyone and awesome job Senior Captain Hawkins betting to the elite club! Second Officers – Ben Redcorn First Officers – Jaocim Olsson Trevor DeLong Senior Captains – Mark Hawkins

Great work everyone!   Let’s welcome Captain Sislioglu to the Four-Bar Super Star Club! Second Officers – Nick Szopko Stephen Snider First Officers – Kevin Richter Captains – Guven Sislioglu