Solaris Air CorpJet is happy to add the new Cessna C700 Longitude to our fleet for use with CorpJet business flights.      This aircraft is available in MSFS 2020.   Specifications Data from “Citation Longitude Specifications”. Textron Aviation. General characteristics Crew: 2+1 optional crew member Capacity: 8-12 Length: 73 ft 2 in (22.30 m) Wingspan: 68 ft 11 in (21.01 m) Height: 19 ft 5 in (5.92 m) Wing area: 537 sq ft (49.9 m2) Airfoil: 28.6° Wing Sweep Empty weight: 23,389 lb (10,609 kg)  Max takeoff weight: 39,500 lb (17,917 kg) Fuel capacity: 14,511 lb (6,600 kg)

Solaris Feeder and Solaris Skyhopper just received shipment of new shiny state of the art Quest Kodiak bush planes for cargo and tourism flying.  These are slated to replace the older Cessna C208 Grand Caravan.   This plane is fantastic on X-Plane 11 and its on sale at the moment for $28.   You can pick up your copy here: X-Plane 11 Payware: Prepar3D/FSX Payware: Quest Kodiak From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Solaris Cargo division has 4 shiny used MD11F’s available now for use.   P3D already has an MD11F simulation and we are anticipating the Rotate MD11F this year hopefully.   Specifications MD-11 multi-view MD-11 Airplane Characteristics Variant MD-11 (pax) MD-11F Main deck 298: 16F + 56J + 226Y or 323: 34J+289Y or 410Y, 10-abreast 26 96×125″ pallets or 34 88×108″ pallets 21,530 cu.ft / 609.7 m³ Lower deck 32 LD3 Length

The nostalgia fleet welcomes to the mighty Concorde to its ranks.   This plane is available on P3D and X-Plane 11 at the following locations. X-Plane 11: P3D:   General characteristics Crew: 3 (2 pilots and 1 flight engineer) Capacity: 92–120 passengers (128 in high-density layout) Length: 202 ft 4 in (61.66 m) Wingspan: 84 ft 0 in (25.6 m) Height: 40 ft 0 in (12.2 m) Wing area: 3,856 sq ft (358.25 m2) Empty weight: 173,500 lb (78,700 kg) Gross weight: 245,000 lb (111,130 kg) Max takeoff weight: 408,000 lb (185,070 kg) Fuel capacity: 210,940 lb (95,680 kg)

The Airbus A321 is a member of the Airbus A320 family of short to medium range, narrow-body, commercial passenger twin engine jet airliners and carries 185 to 236 passengers. It has a stretched fuselage which was the first derivative of the baseline A320 and entered service in 1994 about six years after the original A320. The aircraft shares a common type rating with all other Airbus A320-family variants, allowing previous A320-family pilots to fly the aircraft without the need for

Solaris Air has picked up a couple of used Beechcraft B1900D’s and distributed them to Solaris Euro and Solaris Regional.   Our version is for business select passengers with 18 seats  providing nice leg room for our paying customers.   You can pick up the payware version of this airplane from Carenado here:   General characteristics Crew: 1 (2 for airline operations) Capacity: 19 passengers Length: 57 ft 8 in (17.62 m) Wingspan: 57 ft

We are happy to add the Fokker F50 to our fleet of light regional aircraft.   Two have been added to Solaris Euro with the names Leaf on the Wind and Tweety Bird and one added to Solaris Regional in the US entitled Feather Fall. The Fokker F50 is available from Carenado for both FSX and X-Plane 11.   They can be aquired from the org store or Simmarket.  The product page

Solaris CorpJet is proud to add the Cessna Citiation Mustang C510 to our fleet.   This aircraft will be based out of KDEN-Denver.    You can grab a copy of this plane at the following locations: X-Plane 11: Prepar3D:

Solaris has acquired a slightly used Embraer Legacy 650 business jet for the Solaris CorpJet fleet.   It will be based out of Las Vegas providing business trip services across the US, Canada, Caribbean and Mexico.   The aircraft is available on X-Plane 11 by X-Crafts.  The link is below.

Solaris CorpJet will be taking possession of a used but good condition Dassault Falcon 50EX which will be based at KMGM – Montgomery, Alabama.   Happy flying CorpJet pilots!   This aircraft is available for X-Plane 11 from Carenado. General characteristics Crew: Two Capacity: Eight to nine passengers Length: 18.52 m (60 ft 9 in) Wingspan: 18.86 m (61 ft 10 in) Height: 6.98 m (22 ft 11 in) Wing area: 46.83 m² (504.1 ft²) Empty weight: 9889 kg (21800