Below you will find our paint kit.  Inside you will find several files that include our company paint scheme, main logo, sub logos and other decals that are frequently used on our paint jobs.   Each piece will be explained as well as what we like to see in our paint jobs so every artist can stay on the same page together.   While we don’t mind everyone getting creative we would like things to remain somewhat unified to present a professional looking airline.

Our color pallet for the airline is as follows:

The nose, tail and rear stabilizer of our planes are typically colored in Deep Koamaru (#393C60 on the Hex color scale) with a pen stripe of Purple Navy (#58537C) separating the nose and tail from the main fuselage of the plane like so:

The middle section of the plane is Trolley Grey (#7C7481), Sunrise Orange (#EF920C) or Pure White depending on the plane.   Our PAX planes use the Grey, regional planes use the orange and cargo uses the white.    Of course there are exceptions for specialty liveries but this is the main setup of our paint jobs.

Below are various elements and where they belong on the plane

This is our main logo and is always painted down the fuselage of our planes on both sides.    The size and placement vary slightly depending on airframe type but always try to make this the main part of the body of the plane

When possible we always put the VA website on the winglets.  We use a front called Space Age which is located in the main kit download at the bottom of this page.

The Earth beams shooting out of always goes on the tail stabilizer with the SOLARIS name typically going along the rudder.

The solar winds graphic typical goes behind the Earth in the main logo as it represents Solar Winds blowing.   It is usually the same Navy Purple that makes up the highlight divider lines.

Our company motto goes on the engines when possible.  If it can’t fit there then it goes on the fuselage somewhere it can be seen but not garishly in the way:

Our regional planes tend to have a belly logo though this can be on bigger planes as well.

Just a few more things to note.   Our engines are usually gradient colored using the dark purple main color and transitioning to the Trolley Grey.      We sometimes don’t make solid tail colors.  We gradient blend with the fuselage.     Take a look at our current liveries for inspiration.    If you want to make a specialty livery go for it but be sure you incorporate many of our elements above into the final paint.

Don’t forget your registration numbers.   Don’t forget the flag for which country the airplane is registered.   On our Boeing’s and Airbuses we like to ID the type on the tail area use the company’s logo and model number and company font.

We give most of our planes a name and like to have the name on the nose under the pilot and co-pilot’s window.   If you are painting a livery for one of the plane’s we own please note the name of the plane and paint accordingly.

For cargo planes the slogan is different.     We use:  LOGISTICS MADE AWESOME! using the same Space Age font.

That’s it!  Download the kit below and start creating!   When you are done send Captain K-Man a PM/DM on Discord with your finished plane and he will get it added to the company website ASAP!