Congrats to our newly promoted pilots.   There are a bunch of you getting close to 1st officer and a nice handful about to get that fourth bar on the shoulders!   Keep up the great work pilots! Second Officers – Jan Tzschoppe Sven Stockmann First Officers – Jacques Le Roux Ryan Hare

Click on the poster below to see the sign up sheet and see which slots are available and for a list of Flight Numbers and Destinations available for the event.    Please keep your aircraft selections to the standard set (B73x, B75x, B76x, A3x).   Only destinations listed will be accepted.  Do not request a custom route.   Post your slot request in the Vatsim-Events channel with ALL the information requested from

Solaris Euro once again adds a new airport (wish the UNITED STATES had this rate of airport production love from payware devs!) to the line up.   Billund (EKBI) is located in Denmark and is the 2nd busiest airport provide routes all over Europe and the UK.    With the addition of Billund to the mix we’ve just add 142 new daily flights!   You can pick up your copy of Billund

New Captain in the house!  Congrats Captain Dane and getting that fourth butter bar!  Little light on promotions this week!   A lot of our new trainee pilots haven’t flown a single flight because they haven’t registered on Discord.  Here’s hoping we get more promotions next week!   Second Officers – Kevin Balybin First Officers – Radu Gribincea Captains – Craig Dane

Added new section on Vatsim usage and corrected ICAO for the Cargo division.   Solaris Air VA Pilot Handbook

We are happy to add the Fokker F50 to our fleet of light regional aircraft.   Two have been added to Solaris Euro with the names Leaf on the Wind and Tweety Bird and one added to Solaris Regional in the US entitled Feather Fall. The Fokker F50 is available from Carenado for both FSX and X-Plane 11.   They can be aquired from the org store or Simmarket.  The product page

Congratulations to all of our pilots this week for your promotions!  There’s a new Captain in the house!  WHOOPWHOOOP!   Congrats to you Captain Henkel.  Your hard work paid off!   Keep racking up them hours and V-Bucks!   Second Officers – Andrea Finocchiaro Erik Nilsen Claudemiro Pacheco First Officers – Logan Ruby Jarret Grodzicki Ernie Garcia Brandon Banks Captains – Toni Henkel

Solaris Air is happy to add a new Middle Eastern/Asia destination that supports Solaris Europe, International and Cargo divisions with routes to Spain, the UK, Paris, Germany, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, India, Turkey and others.   You can pick up a copy from one of the following locations: X-Plane 11 – Payware ––Bahrain-Intl-Airport-City_p_1064.html X-Plane 11 – Freeware – Prepar3D – Payware –

Lots of new first officers this batch!  Great work everyone!   Onward to Captain status! Second Officers – Scott Fisher Brandon Banks Guy Ben-zikrit Benedkt Stein First Officers – Stephen Brown Brandon Ehrlich Mark Woehrel Mark Hawkins Craig Dane

The Solaris Air company handbook has been updated to v1.5.   You can go read it in the Human Resources menu on the main menu at the top. Changelog: Updated Discord requirements.  Discord is now a requirement to join the VA. Added a section to the written tutorial on how to offload packages from the cargo hold. Added Best Practices page. Fixed spelling mistakes and formatting errors.