How do I join Solaris Air VA?

Solaris Air operates using the vaBase network.  To sign up just click the Flight Ops menu option and click the Join menu and fill out the form.  Don’t forget you must sign up using a realistic name or your real name (preferred).   If you aren’t comfortable with using your real name please use a realistic pilot name.  DO NOT use a celebrity name or the name of any famous person throughout history.

What simulator can I use for your VA?

FSAirlines supports FSX, P3D, MSFS2020 and X-Plane 11/12.   You will need a copy of XPUIPC v2.0.4.8 for X-Plane 11/12 or a copy of FSUIPC for FSX/P3D/MSFS2020.



How active do I need to be in order to stay in the VA?

Once you sign up and are accepted into the VA you need to fly your first flight within 14 days.   After that we expect every pilot to fly at least one flight per month.   If you cannot abide by this simple requirement you shouldn’t be signing up for any virtual airline really.  This is a pretty standard requirement across most VA’s.

Can I pause the simulator?

Yes. If you have to step away from the PC you can pause and resume the flight later.  You will receive a minor penalty to your performance score though.  You cannot refuel or slew the aircraft around once a flight has begun either without receiving a major penalty to your flight score so keep these things in mind before you takeoff.

Can I use time acceleration on a flight?

No.  Time acceleration is not allowed.  If you want to fly the long haul better be sure your computer is up to the task of running for 6+ hours.  🙂

Can I substitute this airframe for that airframe?

No.   Please use the proper aircraft for the flight.    If the flight calls for a Boeing 767-300 then please use the 300 and not the 200 for example.  Charter-based flights shouldn’t be a problem since you select the airframe you want when filing your paperwork.

I crashed a plane... What do I do now?

File an NTSB report through the company website under the Human Resources menu.  We need to know what happened. Was it a glitch? Did a certain plane screw up? Do you need more practice?  These reports help us send out NOTAMS about the performance of certain aircraft and other software in the simulation environment. Until we receive an NTSB report from you your flight status will be marked as Suspended which means you can’t fly another plane. Repeated crashes of aircraft will get you terminated from service with the airline.

I won't be able to fly for a while. What do I do?

Request of Leave of Absence by messaging an officer using the Flight Ops messaging center or by leaving your LOA in the #Requests Discord channel.  Pilots who show no activity but are flagged as Suspended are safe from being purged from our flight roster. We’ll be here when you get back!

The plane I fly doesn't have a Solaris livery. Can we have one?

Yes provided a livery painter is available. We have many different aircraft in our fleet and it is our intention to have a Solaris livery for each and every one on both X-Plane
and MSFS2020 (Prepar3D is no longer supported for livery requests). Just let us know in the #Requests channel on Discord what you are looking for and we’ll put it on the TODO list.

We need xxx Aircraft in our fleet! Can we have one?

All requests for an airframe addition should be made in the Requests channel on Discord. If there is a good simulation of it available on MSFS2020, X-Plane, or P3D and at least three pilots are interested in the aircraft we will add it.

I want to fly from xxxx to xxxx but there are no routes! Can we have some?

We have a very large selection of scheduled routes available covering all of the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.  If we don’t have a route you want feel free to utilize the charter system and make your own flight route.

When are pilot promotions given out?

The promtion system is now automated.  As soon as you have the required hour and experience points the system will promote you and send out a notice to the airline so everyone can pat you on the back!

How do I get promoted?

Your promotion is based upon the number of hours flown and your performance experience points.  So fly it, land it good, and don’t be a jerk to your fellow pilots and you should find yourself moving up the pilot ladder.