Solaris International has opened up routes to Tokyo Haneda International (RJTT).   You can find a copy of the airport at the following locations: X-Plane 11 Freeware – Prepar3d Payware – Haneda Airport From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search “Haneda” redirects here. For the neighborhood of Ōta, Tokyo, see Haneda, Ōta, Tokyo. For the surname, see Haneda (surname). “Tokyo International Airport” redirects here. For Tokyo’s other international airport, see Narita

Solaris International just opened the way to the Philippines archipelagos as we add three international destinations that include Manila International (RPLL), Mactan-Cebu International (RPVM) and Puerto Princesa International (RPVP)!  These airports connect the East with the West and up through China, Korea and Japan.  All of these new destinations can be acquired for free at payware quality at the following location: X-Plane 11 Freeware:    

Solaris Air is happy to add a new Canadian destination; John C. Munro International.    Routes have been added to the FSA database and include many Caribbean destinations as well as domestic flights to the US and Canada.   This airport is a cargo stop as well and features many destinations in the US and Canada for moving cargo and one international cargo flight to Cologne/Bonn.  You can grab your copy

Just a couple of pilots going up the ladder this week.  A new captain joins the Four-Bar superstar club!    Keep up the great work! FIRST OFFICERS SOA434 Art Knab CAPTAINS SOA131 Evan Ward

We have a pile of promotions today!   Great work to everyone and welcome all the new captains!  Senrior Captain Cadmus is on fire!   Keep up the great work everyone and thank you for your dedication to Solaris Air!  You are the best! SECOND OFFICERS SOA434 Art Knab SOA436 Justin Langosch SOA448 Cristian-Adrian Ionescu SOA451 Jonny Kukula SOA461 Kasimir Blair FIRST OFFICERS SOA132 Eric Sennholz SOA222 Vincent Crump SOA361 Craig Randle