Before we get stuffed by stuffing and starting gobbling like turkeys we can put in a flight on Vatsim together!   This is a very short notice event so we may or may not have coverage.   Be sure to sign up using aircraft types from our existing fleet!   No special order aircraft!    We’ll go live at 6pm CST (0000 UTC) and should start heading out 30 minutes afterward.   I will

Lot of raises going on this week! Congrats to all our pilots for climbing up the corporate ladder. Two new Four Bar Superstars are born and Senior Captain Henkel rises like a Phoenix into the sky!  He cannot be stopped!   Great work everyone!   You helped get us past the 6 billion profit mark! Second Officers – Suketu Patel Snorre Selmer Francois Duhem First Officers – Matthew Curtis Micah Messer Dave

Behold! Pilots on the move! Congrats everyone! Got a couple of Four Bar Superstars in the house! Well done making it to the coveted Captain rank! Second Officers – David Jacobson Marc Jasmer Maximilian Bellmer Jaocim Olsson First Officers – Ed Ross Ralph Davis Robert South Captains – Jarret Grodzicki Mark Hawkins

Whoooooo weeeeee!  You guys are beasts in the cockpit!   Congrats to all our pilots for their hard work!   Three new Four Bar Superstars are born and Senior Captain Asulaiman is our newest member to join the ranks of the legendary Senior Captains!   *salutes*  Thanks for your continued service to the airline! Second Officers – Matthew Bolin Vincent Crump Andreas Rapp Orion Vick Nikay Klinkenberg Captains – Kenny Meyers Robert Bursey

Click on the poster below to see the sign up sheet and see which slots are available and for a list of Flight Numbers and Destinations available for the event.    Please keep your aircraft selections to the standard set (B73x, B75x, B76x, A3x, E1xx).   Only destinations listed will be accepted.  Do not request a custom route.   Post your slot request in the Vatsim-Events channel with ALL the information requested

Solaris Air has picked up a couple of used Beechcraft B1900D’s and distributed them to Solaris Euro and Solaris Regional.   Our version is for business select passengers with 18 seats  providing nice leg room for our paying customers.   You can pick up the payware version of this airplane from Carenado here:   General characteristics Crew: 1 (2 for airline operations) Capacity: 19 passengers Length: 57 ft 8 in (17.62 m) Wingspan: 57 ft

Built in 2009, Enfidha airport links Northern Africa to Europe and the UK.  Solaris Euro is happy to add this African destination to the line up.   You can pick up a copy of this airport at the following locations: X-Plane 11 – Payware – X-Plane 11 – Freeware – Prepar3D – Payware (Lite) –

With the arrival of FSDG’s Mauritius Island Paradise, Solaris International is proud to add this airport to its line up.   Pilots wanting to hit up this island paradise will need to do so from the Eastern Hemisphere.  There are no routes to the US.   This island is only served by airports in Africa, Europe, UK and the Middle East.   You can pick up a copy here: X-Plane 11 – Payware

Europe is on a roll!   Solaris Euro is happy to add a greatly expanded flight schedule for the new LIEE payware airport from JustAsia.   This Italian island destination provides service all over Europe, the UK and Ireland.   You can pick up a copy of this airport at any of the following locations: X-Plane 11 – Payware ––Cagliari-Elmas-Airport-_p_1080.html X-Plane 11 – Freeware – Prepar3D – Payware –

Congrats to our newly promoted pilots!  Still so many of you teetering on the edge of Captain stripes!  Push it over the limit!  GO GO GO!   4 Bar Super Stars! Second Officers – Michael Reinholdt Kyle Granger First Officers – Scott Weber Karl Hagen