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The Future of Flight is Now!

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Welcome to Solaris Air Virtual Airline!

We are a full blown Virtual Airline operating off the FSAirlines network. You will need to head over there and get an account before you can fly for us!


About Solaris Air

Solaris Air was founded back in May of 2019 using the Simbuddy platform but on July 7th of 2019 we moved to FSAirlines.net which has allowed us to finally realize our dream of running a realistic airline which required us to pay the bills, keep the PAX happy and keep the aircraft in top shape! Thanks to FSAirlines we can now achieve this!

Active and Strong

With an every growing list of pilots, aircraft and routes we are one of the fastest growing VA's on the FSAirlines network. We've been in operation for only a short time but we're already reaching the #3 spot in many categories! Fly with the best! Forget the rest!

Liveries Galore

We have a large selection of custom liveries painted for many of the aircraft we have in our fleets. If we don't have one you can always request one from our talented livery artists! Click on the Liveries menu above to see what planes are available!

Fly With Purpose

Flying is fun! Flying with a purpose is more fun! Flying for a virtual airline that simulates real world airline operations is super fun! Making virtual money is fun! Spending it is more fun! Every flight counts towards the goal of keeping the VA strong and forging ahead into the future of flight! Be part of something fun!

Dedicated Staff

The staff of Solaris Air are dedicated to making sure you have a great time and remain engaged with the operations of the airline. If you have questions, suggestions or requests we are always available via our Discord server! We're here for you!


Let the numbers speak for themself!

Active Pilots

Available Aircraft


Routes Available

Solaris Air Officers

The faces behind the VA day to day operations!

Why Do We Fly!?

Because it is awesome!