Another batch of officers on the rise.   We have two new Four-Bar Super Stars!  *salutes*  Well done captains! Second Officers – Jorgen Johnsen First Officers – Curt Scott Captains – Lindsey Kaars Kevin Richter

Solaris Euro is glad to add Nurnberg to our line up in Europe.  You can find a copy of this airport at the following locations: X-Plane 11 (Freeware) – Prepare3D (Payware) –   Wiki Info Here:

The nostalgia fleet welcomes to the mighty Concorde to its ranks.   This plane is available on P3D and X-Plane 11 at the following locations. X-Plane 11: P3D:   General characteristics Crew: 3 (2 pilots and 1 flight engineer) Capacity: 92–120 passengers (128 in high-density layout) Length: 202 ft 4 in (61.66 m) Wingspan: 84 ft 0 in (25.6 m) Height: 40 ft 0 in (12.2 m) Wing area: 3,856 sq ft (358.25 m2) Empty weight: 173,500 lb (78,700 kg) Gross weight: 245,000 lb (111,130 kg) Max takeoff weight: 408,000 lb (185,070 kg) Fuel capacity: 210,940 lb (95,680 kg)

Light promotion week!  Congrats to everyone and awesome job Senior Captain Hawkins betting to the elite club! Second Officers – Ben Redcorn First Officers – Jaocim Olsson Trevor DeLong Senior Captains – Mark Hawkins

Solaris Euro is happy to announce we now fly into the beautiful country of Romania!   The follow airports have come online for our flying needs; LROP, LRCL, LRTR, LRCK and LRIA! These airports connect all over Europe, Ireland, the UK and Asia with international flights to Canada from LROP!   Most of these airports are available in XP11 as payware or freeware.  P3D also as some of these destinations available.

Great work everyone!   Let’s welcome Captain Sislioglu to the Four-Bar Super Star Club! Second Officers – Nick Szopko Stephen Snider First Officers – Kevin Richter Captains – Guven Sislioglu

Well done everyone! We have two new left seaters and one new left seater with wrinkles! Congrats to the Captains and Senior Captain Dane! Second Officers – Christian Schlueter Dennis Krone Luke Bettis Leroy Wilson Captains – Karl Hagen Claudemiro Pacheco Senior Captains – Craig Dane