Company Handbook Updated – Version 1.9

Company Handbook has been updated to v1.9 and includes the following changes: Spelling corrections. Added cost index for A300F. Updated Rank page to declare who can use what features as well as hours needed and pay raise expected. Added Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to the list of used simulators and added information about connecting to FSA using MSFS2020. Updated the Community Communications page to get rid of Blackboard as a […]

Pilot Promotions – 9/6/2020

Okay we are back to manually promoting people to give it that personal touch!    Below are our promotions for this week.  A lot of these should have been automatic but the auto system failed.  I also noticed the automated system is setting people’s actual hours back to ZERO each time you auto promoted.  Even if you have like 5 hours past the next rank that 5 hours gets reset […]

Aircraft Added – Cessna C700 Longitude

Solaris Air CorpJet is happy to add the new Cessna C700 Longitude to our fleet for use with CorpJet business flights.      This aircraft is available in MSFS 2020.   Specifications[edit] Data from “Citation Longitude Specifications”. Textron Aviation. General characteristics Crew: 2+1 optional crew member Capacity: 8-12 Length: 73 ft 2 in (22.30 m) Wingspan: 68 ft 11 in (21.01 m) Height: 19 ft 5 in (5.92 m) Wing area: 537 sq ft (49.9 m2) Airfoil: 28.6° Wing Sweep Empty weight: 23,389 lb (10,609 kg) [25] Max takeoff weight: 39,500 lb (17,917 kg) Fuel capacity: 14,511 lb (6,600 kg)[25] […]

MSFS 2020 – Approved for Solaris Air VA Usage

With the latest patched version of MSFS fixing several key issues and the A320Neo getting ‘Zibo’ modded to be more functional we have authorized the use of this new simulator platform with the following aircraft: Airbus A320Neo Cessna C208 Grand Caravan Cessna C700 Longitude Daher TBM 900 Aircraft still being evaluated for usage: Boeing 787 Boeing 747 King Air B350i

Solaris Euro now offers routes to and from Vagar Airport on Faroe Island north of the UK.    This airport is a halfway stopping point to Iceland and Norway and offers destinations to Denmark, France and Spain as well.   You grab your copy from one of the sources below: X-Plane 11 – (Freeware) X-Plane 11 – (Payware) Prepar3D – (Payware)

Awesome work pilots!   You have earned it!   Keep it going! Special salute to Captain Alsulaiman.   Those shoulders are getting heavy with all them gold bars!   Awesome job! Second Officers – Ernie Garcia Robert South Ross Gunn First Officers – Mitchell Logue Brody Jones Captains – Fahad Alsulaiman

Airframe:  Boeing 737-800NG Reg #:  N331SL-Solaris Retro USA PIC:  Hector Esparta Airport of Incident:  KSFO-San Francisco Deaths/Injuries:  0 Deaths, Minor Injuries to PAX and crew. Findings ====== Flight took off on time and proceeded normally through the entire KLAX-KSFO flight.   Aircraft descended on schedule and was cleared to land.   Flight Data recorders show the aircraft may have been exceeding speed restrictions prior to the approach but this does not appear

Shagwarth has given us a lovely BizJet livery paint for the Carenado Cessna S550 Citation II!   You can grab it from the liveries menu up above!  Enjoy and thanks for the paint Shag!

Great work everyone!   Keep up the great work!  I want to really salute Scotty because he earned all his hours off of C208 Cargo Flights.  That’s some dedication right there!   Awesome job!  Thank you all for making the airline a great place to spend my sim hours! Second Officers – Scotty Wykoff Jim Borden Micah Messer Ralph Davis Jacques Le Roux Ievgen Tiron First Officers – Kenny Myers Sunny Cadmus

Solaris Euro is happy to add our second Norway destination; Bergen on the western coast.   This airport handles traffic all over Europe with flights to Israel and Turkey as well.   You can pick up your copy at one of the following places: X-Plane – Freeware:                  Payware:–ENBR_p_644.html Prepar3D –

Painter Harris360 has given us our second Flight Factor A320 with his Star Wars paint job.  The force is strong with this one!   Dark side or the Light!  You choose!   You can grab it from the Liveries menu up above!    Enjoy!

A new Solaris Star Maintenance Center has opened in Atlanta and we have also expanded the Miami and Seattle facilities so they can now handle up to a 747-8i.   All of our centers can now handle up to 12 repair points worth of aircraft. All centers now also have storage warehouses for cargo as well as PR offices to give us more rep and better fuel prices at these airports.

Solaris Euro and International are glad to add to their lineup our 3rd airport destination in Africa; Blaise Diagne International in Dakar.   This airport is the farthest airport we offer for Solaris Euro south of mainland Europe.    There are routes into Portugal, Spain, France and Italy.   For the international division Dakar connects to the east coast of the US, France, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates.  You can pick

Solaris Euro is glad to this new beautiful destination to our line up of European routes.   Thessaloniki services many destinations all over Europe and to Israel.   You can pick up your copy at the following locations: X-Plane 11 – Prepar3D –