Company Handbook Updated – Version 1.9

Company Handbook has been updated to v1.9 and includes the following changes: Spelling corrections. Added cost index for A300F. Updated Rank page to declare who can use what features as well as hours needed and pay raise expected. Added Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to the list of used simulators and added information about connecting to FSA using MSFS2020. Updated the Community Communications page to get rid of Blackboard as a […]

Pilot Promotions – 9/6/2020

Okay we are back to manually promoting people to give it that personal touch!    Below are our promotions for this week.  A lot of these should have been automatic but the auto system failed.  I also noticed the automated system is setting people’s actual hours back to ZERO each time you auto promoted.  Even if you have like 5 hours past the next rank that 5 hours gets reset […]

Aircraft Added – Cessna C700 Longitude

Solaris Air CorpJet is happy to add the new Cessna C700 Longitude to our fleet for use with CorpJet business flights.      This aircraft is available in MSFS 2020.   Specifications[edit] Data from “Citation Longitude Specifications”. Textron Aviation. General characteristics Crew: 2+1 optional crew member Capacity: 8-12 Length: 73 ft 2 in (22.30 m) Wingspan: 68 ft 11 in (21.01 m) Height: 19 ft 5 in (5.92 m) Wing area: 537 sq ft (49.9 m2) Airfoil: 28.6° Wing Sweep Empty weight: 23,389 lb (10,609 kg) [25] Max takeoff weight: 39,500 lb (17,917 kg) Fuel capacity: 14,511 lb (6,600 kg)[25] […]

MSFS 2020 – Approved for Solaris Air VA Usage

With the latest patched version of MSFS fixing several key issues and the A320Neo getting ‘Zibo’ modded to be more functional we have authorized the use of this new simulator platform with the following aircraft: Airbus A320Neo Cessna C208 Grand Caravan Cessna C700 Longitude Daher TBM 900 Aircraft still being evaluated for usage: Boeing 787 Boeing 747 King Air B350i

Since the FSAirlines software is now allowing for shared cockpit with other pilots we are implementing this new Smart Co-Pilot roster.    If you have the Smart Co-Pilot plugin for XP11 or an equivalent for P3D/FSX please let us know so we can have you added to this roster.   Only pilots on this roster are allowed to use FSA’s Copilot feature.   Anyone caught using this feature without supporting software to

Moving up in the world!  Great work getting those hours logged!   Soon you will have four bars wearing your shoulders down! SECOND OFFICERS SOA423 Brett Knuth FIRST OFFICERS SOA298 Francois Duhem SOA402 Patrick Uttrich SOA426 Robert Soriano

Want to see North Norway in the middle of nowhere land!?   Now you can!   Solaris Euro now flies to Tromso in North Norway.   You can pick up the scenery here: X-Plane Payware: X-Plane Freeware: P3D Payware:   Tromsø Airport, Langnes From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search “Tromsø Airport” redirects here. For Tromsø’s former airport, see Tromsø Airport, Skattøra. Tromsø Airport, Langnes Tromsø lufthavn, Langnes IATA: TOS ICAO: ENTC Summary

Solaris Cargo division has 4 shiny used MD11F’s available now for use.   P3D already has an MD11F simulation and we are anticipating the Rotate MD11F this year hopefully.   Specifications MD-11 multi-view MD-11 Airplane Characteristics Variant MD-11 (pax) MD-11F Main deck 298: 16F + 56J + 226Y or 323: 34J+289Y or 410Y, 10-abreast 26 96×125″ pallets or 34 88×108″ pallets 21,530 cu.ft / 609.7 m³ Lower deck 32 LD3 Length

There’s a rumor in Saint Petersburg o/~     Solaris Euro and International is happy to add ULLI-Pulkovo Airport to their line up.   You can pick up the scenery at the following locations: X-Plane Payware – X-Plane Freeware – Prepar3D Payware –   Pulkovo Airport From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search For the airport in the United States, see St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport. Pulkovo Airport Аэропорт Пулково IATA: LED

Outstanding work everyone!   Lots of promotions this time around with a whole new batch of Captains and Senior Captains!   You are all super heroes!   Keep those PAX and Cargo boxes moving! SECOND OFFICERS SOA176 Joe Earley SOA328 Ian Gleed SOA389 Paul Perry SOA402 Patrick Uttrich SOA416 William Tally SOA426 Robert Soriano FIRST OFFICERS SOA249 Andrea Finocchiaro SOA256 Suketu Patel SOA396 Jorgen Johnsen SOA413 Adam Hazel CAPTAINS SOA268 Jan Tzschoppe SOA359

Solaris Air is happy to add a new destination to the Dominican Republic.    Solaris Air, International and the new Solaris Skyhopper fleets are now tied to this airport.   Its mostly linked to the east coast of the US and Canada, with international flights to several European destinations and even Russia.  You can pick up your copy at one of the following places: X-Plane 11 Payware – P3D Payware

Climbing the corporate ladder!  You will soon be able to move out of your cardboard box and into a penthouse!   Congrats to Captain Ruby, our newest Four-Bar super star!  We also have a new Senior Captain!  Congrats Senior Captain Richter! Second Officers – Adam Hazel First Officers – Michael Silva Captains – Logan Ruby Senior Captains – Kevin Richter

The company pilot’s handbook has been updated to version 1.7. Spelling mistakes fixed. Updated rank page to show new pay rates. Added a little more info on expectations. Added link for more information on how the cargo system works in the OFFLOAD CARGO section. Changed delivery distance for cargo from 100nm to 50nm and highlighted it so maybe you guys will get the hint.  🙂 General overhaul and editing of

Great work everyone moving up the food chain!   Congrats to Captain Clifton, our newest Four-Bar super star! Second Officers – Rick Hirsch Diego Navarro Andrew Cobb Umut Basol First Officers – Jesus Rivera Anthony Fluhart Captains – Kail Clifton