Your Solaris Staff

This is the staff page and shows the current leadership in charge of making sure Solaris Air runs nice and smooth and that any problems our pilots may encounter can be addressed in a timely manner. Any officer can be contacted for help either through the e-mail listed, the internal e-mail system of the website, or through our Discord. We’re here to make sure all pilots have a great time!

Brian Navy

Chief Executive Officer

Brian is the CEO and Founder of Solaris Air. They are responsible for the setup, operations, and management of the VA including web development for the VA. He loves tacos!

Will Dolezal

Chief Operations Officer

Will is the Chief Operations Officer and second in command of the VA. They have all the same duties as the CEO and act as backup when necessary for all operations of the VA. Real Pilot in the house!

Lance Loomis

Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Lance is the Assitance Chief of Operations and jumps into action to make sure the airline keeps running smoothly when things get super busy. They also bring Will coffee and donuts upon demand!

Randy Nielsen

Dispatch Center Manager

Randy is the Dispatch Center Manager and is in charge of ensuring all schedules keep in good order and our planes keep moving to bring in all that sweet cash.

Justin Dupree

Fleet Operations Manager

Justin is the Fleet Ops Manager and is in charge of all things aircraft related and making sure our HUBS run at peak performance. He gets upset if you wreck one of his precious babies!