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27 flights this month

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14,689 miles this month

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55 hours this month

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6 active this month

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Solaris Air is looking for pilots wanting to be part of a community and not just some faceless name and number on the screen. If you are looking for a VA where you can meet other sim enthusiasts, learn from each other, talk about aviation or whatever else is on your mind, and have fun doing it then look no further. You have a home here at Solaris Air.

Do you like flying online with your fellow pilots? Solaris Air is a certified partner of Vatsim and we also have the JoinFS network to do group flights regardless of what simulator you are running. If you want to hang out in the skies with your fellow pilots join now! We are waiting for you!

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Dispatched Flights

Pilot Flight No. Type Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
  Brian SOA1458 Scheduled KGSP KATL 89 22568lb A320 Dispatched

Latest 10 Flights

Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Pilot Aircraft ACARS Landing Rate
SOA2611 KATL KGSP   SOA001 FenixA320_DELTARETRO300US... -210fpm
SOA2221 MKJS KATL   SOA001 FenixA320_DELTARETRO300US... -175fpm
SOA1421 KMDW KRSW   SOA002 PMDG 737-800 SWA (N8568Z... -206fpm
SOA2671 KPNS KDFW   SOA002 FenixA320_AmericanN110UW -156fpm
SOA1390 MKJS KFLL   SOA001 FenixA320_DELTARETRO300US... -172fpm
SOA909 MMMY MMGL   SOA001 Just Flight 146-300QT Sol... -145fpm
SOA1997 KATL MKJS   SOA001 FenixA320_DELTARETRO300US... -139fpm
SOA0068 KDFW KPNS   SOA002 FenixA320_AmericanN110UW -86fpm
SOA501 KSRQ KATL   SOA001 FenixA320_DELTARETRO300US... -173fpm
SOA0139 KDEN KDFW   SOA005 AXP Southwest N83IOC 737-... -53fpm

Top 5 Landings This Week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Justin SOA0139 KDFW 2022-11-25 -53fpm 100%
  William SOA0068 KPNS 2022-11-26 -86fpm 100%
  Brian SOA421 KBWI 2022-11-23 -97fpm 100%
  Emanuel SOA4145 MROC 2022-11-25 -101fpm 100%
  Emanuel SOA5145 KDFW 2022-11-25 -122fpm 100%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Emanuel Costa Rica Costa Rica Los Angeles 2022-11-23
  Justin U.S.A U.S.A Denver 2022-11-21
  Randy U.S.A U.S.A John F. Kennedy 2022-11-21
  Lance U.S.A U.S.A Dallas/Ft. Worth 2022-11-21
  William U.S.A U.S.A Chicago O'Hare 2022-11-21
  Brian U.S.A U.S.A Dallas/Ft. Worth 2022-11-20

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